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There’s a crowd waiting for the next UNICORN

Fundraising is hard! At Bambucorn, we realize this and take-on the heavy lifting for your fundraise which would allow you to focus on your core operations, which is where you can create the most value

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How it works?

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  • Due diligence

  • Listing

  • Funding

  • Scaling

Benefits of Crowdfunding

Lead the Way to

  • Turn your customers into your investors

    Businesses that crowdfund have customers who are more loyal and show greater advocacy for the products and services of the businesses that they’ve invested in.

  • Raise your profile

    Crowdfunding will require you to reach out to a large number of potential investors. This provides you with an opportunity to gain exposure to hundreds of thousands of investors.

  • Incentivize your community

    Crowdfunding is a great way to incentivize your community. Furthermore, by incentivizing your community with equity, you don’t need to worry about paying cash back to them, but about creating value.

How much does it cost to raise capital on Bambucorn?

Pay us only if your offering is successful!

What are we looking for?


After all investors don’t usually invest in a business but in the founders running it. At Bambucorn, we look for passionate founders that are eager to succeed no matter what.


Investors always look for startups that have achieved some level of engagement that can be replicated easily. We generally look for businesses that have generated significant revenue or those have at least built and validated a proof of concept.

Disruptive technologies

Investors on our platform look for businesses that possess some competitive advantage. At Bambucorn, we strongly believe that technology-based businesses are suitably placed to demonstrate this.

Why Bambucorn?

  • 5000+

    People in the database

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    Retail investors in the region