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A new way to sell your real estate holdings

Bambucorn offers a quick way to sell your real-estate holdings for cash.

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How it Works?

- Apply to us by sending us an email

- Our team will perform due diligence

- Upon completing the due diligence, your property will be listed onto the platform

- Raise funding from our network of investors

Why Sell With us?

  • Tenants can remain in place

    You can sell with your tenants in place, so you don’t have to wait for leases to expire and you keep receiving rental income till the offering closes on the platform

  • Cash Offer

    Upon completion of fundraise, the entire amount of consideration shall be transferred to the seller

  • Quick Process

    Once you provide us with relevant details about your property, we’ll revert back with a decision within 15 working days

Ready to make some money?

Are you ready to make some money by selling a property you own?