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Redefining the way you invest

Bambucorn is an equity crowdfunding platform enabling early stage companies to raise equity financing

Highly curated


Invest in the Future

Why Bambucorn?

Invest in smaller ticket sizes

The key feature of Bambucorn platform is the ability to facilitate smaller investments into previously inaccessible asset classes

Regulated entity

Bambucorn is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority, and our leadership team has been involved in the investment space in the region for the past 20 years.

Highly vetted investments

Having been in the investment industry for over 20 years, Bambucorn’s team is able to source sought-after investment opportunities and scrutinize them rigorously.

Invest online, anytime, anywhere

Bambucorn’s secure platform allows you to invest in and manage a diversified portfolio of alternative assets, providing you with a seamless and easy-to-use experience to monitor your investments 24x7.

Why Invest in Startups?

Invest in causes that you truly believe in

Bambucorn’s curated deal-flow will offer opportunities to generate superior financial returns and to facilitate delivery of significant positive impact.

Invest in tomorrow’s leaders

Bambucorn aims to offer all investors a chance to invest in the leaders of tomorrow, particularly in MENA

Join an exciting journey

As an early investor, choose to get involved and help startups grow. Studies show that startups with at least one active angel investor are more likely to succeed than those without any.

Portfolio diversification

Investing in early-stage ventures can act as portfolio diversifier, in part due to the fact that this asset class displays little correlation with traditional market movements.

Talk to Us

Join us at Bambucorn. If you face any hassle, feel free to reach out