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Bambucorn is run by a group of passionate people on a mission to fund a better future!

Fareed & Narayanan founded Angivest Ventures in June 2017 with the purpose of investing in early stage ventures globally. They interviewed well over 150+ founders and entrepreneurs across various geographies including US, Europe, Middle East & Asia, and understood the pain points founders go through in their fundraising campaign. On the other hand, being seasoned investors themselves, they understood the complexities in performing diligence on investee companies with the “early stage” investor mindset. As early stage investors, Fareed & Narayanan have a strong appreciation of how long it takes to get your money back! To overcome all the above challenges, they created Bambucorn.



Our Mission

Our mission is to help ambitious entrepreneurs and property owners raise as little as $100,000 for their ventures and properties respectively and help them scale by providing them the platform to launch their fundraising campaign. On the investment side, investors can invest as little as $1,000 and diversify their exposure to early stage ventures.

Meet the Team

Fareed Bader

Co-founder and CEO

Narayanan Ganapathy

Co-founder & Board Member


Co-founder & Investor

Sohail Algosaibi