Investing in a start up is no longer cumbersome. And your investment horizon doesn’t have to be 7 years or longer! The platform will allow investors to buy shares while eventually unlocking liquidity (development of or partnership with a trading facility is the ultimate goal of the platform, which currently does not exist. Refer point 3 of Risk Disclosure) in the underlying investments!



  • Step 1: Sign up and join the platform!

    Provide details such as your name and e-mail address to gain access to quality vetted opportunities.
    Note: To verify your identity and Investor classification, Bambucorn will require you to upload documents such as your passport and proof of address via the application portal.

  • Step 2: Select the company you want to invest in!

    Browse through vetted investment opportunities and select which one(s) you need more information on.

    1. For the benefit of Investors, each offering is assigned one expert. The expert conducts his/her own due diligence and provides independent responses      to questions investors may have

    2. Platform carries out its own due diligence on the issuer and lists only curated issuers

  • Step 3: Invest!

    If you are interested in an opportunity, hit the "Details" button and follow instructions!
    If you face any difficulty along the way you can always contact us at

This click will redirect you to a page which is currently not operational as we are in the process of listing our first Issuer